After The Fame;


After all the fame and fortune of one of the most popular boy bands in the world, what happened to the lads of One Direction? They settled down, got married and had kids. Can they still manage kids, spouses and maintain the friendship they shared long ago?

Admin A Mascot - Kaya Scodelario
Admin B Mascot - Miranda Cosgrove
→ Ross Styles-Tomlinson | 20 years old | fc: Nicholas Hoult

→ Bio: 

Ross would be described as cocky and full of himself and they’d be right. He likes to have things about him all the time. Ross has just started his second year at Oxford University. As of now, his major is Undeclared and he’s enjoying the freedom. Recently he’s been with a girl from his English class but claims they’re not official as she would like them to be. Ross suffers from bi polar disorder which makes it difficult to have relationships—but not impossible. He’s been in councelling since he was about 12 when he was first diagnosed but he’s quit taking the medicine he’s given because it interfeers with the college partying.

→ Want to be him?

You’re in luck, Ross is open

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