After The Fame;


After all the fame and fortune of one of the most popular boy bands in the world, what happened to the lads of One Direction? They settled down, got married and had kids. Can they still manage kids, spouses and maintain the friendship they shared long ago?

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→ Isabella Davies | 17 years old | fc: Selena Gomez

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Isabella is originally from Mexico. She was born and raised in a family with a ton of kids, ages ranging from 6 to 20. She always wanted to be a singer, from the moment she learned about music that’s all she did was sing her little heart out. Her mom and dad wanted a better life for them and decided to sell all their stuff and move to America. They ended up moving to California so Isabella could get a head start in her career. When she turned 14, she was thrown into the childhood star life, doing all kinds of things from commercials to small roles in movies. Just recently, Isabella got offered a big movie role in the UK and moved without her family. She’s a little overwhelmed with the move but she’s beginning to get used to it and has recently befriended Lily. 

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Hello world of rp! 

It would be really really great if people came and applied for our roleplay. We are a very small group at the moment but we would like to make it bigger. 3/5 One direction members are taken but almost all the kids are available. So come join and be apart of our family. We have lots of amazing roles. We see you lurking! So come apply :).

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Yes yes she is :) Come apply for her :) 

Come be apart of our family! We are a very small family as of right now but we would love you more if people would apply. Make us happy please! Now what are you waiting for come apply for Afterthefame roleplay. We’ve got 2 members left in One Direction open and lots of the kids are left as well!

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"Let's get a Daddy Direction? Because I think Liam would be brilliant in this group, or Niall, or Zayn, or a Miley or just really any character, please!"

Definitely working on it! We need the parents. We do have a Zayn though! Hopefully people start applying :)